What can happen in 1/60th of a second? A brief moment in time that flashes before your eyes. A precious memory forever preserved for future enjoyment... for future generations. A portrait that is created and preserved in this moment in time.

Anyone can take a picture...
Just as anyone can put paint on a canvas.

It is the artist's touch that makes the expression on paper or canvas...priceless!

Meaghan has been creating and preserving memories since 1995. She has the know how to create the special moment and forever capture it in 1/60th of a second. Working with high tech digital manipulation to create for you a One-Of-A-Kind piece of art that will preserve that memory forever.

Session Guidelines

Guideline #1: Solids are always preferred to prints and patterns. Bold prints such as stripes and plaids can be very distracting in a photograph.

Guideline #2: V-necklines tend to slenderize while turtle necks and many cowl necklines will make you appear heavier.

Guideline #3: Most colors are usable to create a fine portrait. Don't be afraid to wear whites and blacks (but not together!). While many studios have difficulty handing these to extremes our unique lighting and processing is used to making them look great.

Guideline #4: The BIGGEST MISTAKE most women make with clothing selection is wearing outfits with the open shoulders. These comfortable cut-away sleeveless tops feel great to wear but are not very flattering in photographs. Upper arms do not photograph well unless you are "model skinny".

Guideline #5: Coordinate clothing. For individual portraits bring a variety of styles, colors and textures. The idea is to show off the many aspects of your personality. For a couple or group shot you want to MATCH clothing. Clothing should be simple and similar in color and style. Avoid all patterns, graphics, printing and other distractions that might take away from the expressions! Keep it simple. For a family look at where the portrait will hang in the room. Pick up the colors of the room in the clothing worn in the portrait. Also, be sure to co-ordinate all the clothing. This gives the portrait a unified look that will please for years to come.